Ethan Wade

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Green Ghost



Animal Collective

How long have you been making music? Since I was 15, so about 11 years. How has your relationship with music changed since you first got into it? Started out playing acoustic guitar, then I picked up drumming around the same time. I picked up electronic and eventually I started blending it with the acoustic. Now that I’m older, I can feel the algorithms of the music more, you know, to the point where you can see the influences you put into it. I think it positively affects you. As a multi-instrumentalist, which instruments do you think are the easiest to pick up versus the most difficult? Drums are probably the easiest. Keyboard might be the most difficult. Is it more fun playing in a band or doing your own thing? Do you have a preference? Definitely a band, especially if it’s a good one. Is there any instrument you prefer playing over the others? Drums for sure. It just feels good. What is the most gratifying element, or one of the most gratifying elements, of making and producing music, for you? It makes clear all sorts of things. It makes things feel good. For anyone just getting into making music, what advice do you think you could give on where to start? Songwriting is a good place to start. Are we human or are we dancer? We’re both. But mainly dancing.