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One Legged Woman



Numi Green Tea

How long have you been playing music? 9 years. What instruments do you play? A lot. Violin, cello, guitar, bass, drums, harmonica and keys. You ever been in a crossfire? Cause that's me on maracas. There's so many. Just fork it over and I'll give it a try. When did you realize music is what you wanted to do? Was it gradual, and if so, from what point would you say you began to take an interest? I was 11 and I heard The Doors and I heard Black Sabbath and I was like wait...what the hell? Cause I was already playing classical music. Why does music make us fall into a trance? I don't know but I love Joe. He's so cute. He's such a fuckin sweet little puppy. I love him. I love him. Do you ever kiss somebody and it's like fa la la la laaaaa ooooh? Like angels and chariots. I'll give him like little cheek kisses. He loves those. He loves it. He's like a cat. What's the funnest thing about music? Sounds. What are the funnest sounds? Guitar meow meows.