Harandir the Grey

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Ipsis (I am, we are)



Nostalgic Settings in Cinema Directing

What artist or experiences do you feel has inspired your sound the most? Video game soundtracks. Some that appeal to me recently are Shadow of the Colossus and The Legend of Zelda OSTs. I’ve been really trying to explore what it means to create atmosphere (like in a song or a melody); it can be a place, or something that can be mystical in a sense, and can transcend the way that we view how places interact with the way we live our lives and the meaning we derive from that. You’re talented with many instruments and as well have a lot of experience with mixing. What’s your favorite part of the musical process? My favorite thing is that every piece of music, whether it’s a song or album, gets attributed characteristics over time through toil and success with it, that altogether gives it a voice as to how to tailor its sound through development of it’s timbre, harmony, melody, etc. Hell, to take the last question even further, in your opinion what’s the most bombest thing about music? Music, and what people like on an individual level, is highly indicative of one’s psyche, and in that, we find that people who enjoy the same music may possess similar minds and interpretations of reality, and just like that, music can transcend the limits of language. What is the square root of love? The square root of love is the patience needed for self acceptance coupled with a fire driving the external expression of the self.