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Life is fucking amazing. I don’t want to say small world but things wrap around. Small world! That’s what I say everyday. It’s a small world. It kinda is. Every day it gets smaller but every day it gets more vast. It’s really crazy how it plays out. I was literally in Savannah this morning. I worked at my job, I cleaned my whole house (I’m having a show tomorrow). Then I went to work. Then [my friend] Michael came up to my work, hopped in my car and we drove to Athens, and then I performed, pretty much as soon as I got there. Dope band played called “The cult of Raggion”. So good. I was just really feeling their groovy, psychedelic, impromptu kind of sound. Jarring at times but really fascinating. And then this grindcore band played and they were like “du du du du”. I lost my mind. They’re called “Apparition”. Oh man, they were awesome. I hadn’t seen a performance like that in such a long time. No one was dancing. There was like a few of us. I guess that’s how it always is everywhere. Y’know to be honest I don’t feel like Georgia has the real dancers. You have to go to the rave scene. That’s where you find the dancers. That’s true. I been to a rave before, it’s like it’s own small little world, it’s own economy, and there all these sections for dancing people That’s where I learned how to dance. I was on extasy in an Atlanta rave. You know how there would be like a DJ here, a DJ there, different rooms for different sounds and vibes. I would always be the one in the small backroom where maybe like 4 people were, and this weird ass DJ’s playing some weird ass grimy dubstep, weird doom metal. I would just lose my fucking mind. So I feel like that would be where I created my tastes. I really like chaotic music. I love math rock. I love metal. And I love heavy shit. Especially when it has a really dope poem. Sometimes [it’s like], “oh what are they saying” and you read the lyrics and it’s like beautiful poetry and it’s just like, if you would have read it in a normal voice you thought it would be sweet and then it’s like “aaah” (deep voice) and that changes the whole creative [structure]. It’s still sweet. Like, Hello Ocho. Oh yeah, they’re fantastic. Once you’re around long enough you just meet everyone. It’s crazy how everything interlaces. Everybody knows everybody at some level. It’s beautiful too. I feel like a lot of people want to forget their past and not associate with people from the past because they don’t like who they were. Or they don’t like that period of time, so they just shun everything from them. Sometimes, after there’s been some time and communication, there’s a way to mend things. Just know people get better, and they try to do better. And if they don’t, then whatever you know. You have so many chances, but eventually it all comes back around. That’s kinda beautiful. I appreciate that kinda wisdom. It’s kinda sad when people you grew up with [get older] and it doesn’t go so well. That’s why I left Atlanta. I couldn’t watch people die from heroin. Literally, I couldn’t do it anymore. All of my friends were on that shit. [I was] dealing with people who are really, really into a substance really into it, to a point that they can’t even think about anything else. And we’ve all been there. It’s chemicals in your brain; all of these crazy moments. But like, you can only go so long addicted to something. Eventually something wears away…either you die or you overcome and rise from the ashes. I was telling my friend on the way up here, man, you didn’t know me over 10 years ago, I was so bad. I was always so bad. And I wouldn’t even do hard drugs a lot. I would just do them every once and a while, and each time I would almost die. And it was like “it’s not even fun. This stopped being fun a while ago. I can’t. I can’t live this life anymore” Kennesaw incubates a lot of [dark shit]. It’s really fucked up. I mean they have a confederate museum in downtown. I mean, my parents are from New Jersey, I was born in New Jersey. They brought me down here because land’s so cheap down here. They had me, but then my mom got pregnant, so they moved to Acworth, and it was all woods. All woods. We’d just bike around and play outside. And then it turned into smoking blunts around your cul-de-sac. We’d smoke almost every morning. We did not give a fuck.

What’s weird is that I know someone who moved from Savannah to Marietta and actually liked it. Maybe they just see Marietta from a completely different place. It’s hard for me cause my mom is like “when are you gonna move back” and I’m like “I can’t move back”

There’s a dirty side. But that’s anywhere. Right. Life is an enormously chaotic place. And we try to put it in a box, or in a word. Or in a room. On a tuesday…

So, I’m going on tour at the end of next month, July 22nd. It’s called “Lady Valore - Anarchy Tour”. I’m going up to Montreal Canada. On my tour I’m gonna be giving proactive tips on how to show anarchy. Not putting your money towards corporations, finding alternative ways that don’t cost a lot of money, just getting more out of the system.

Disclaimer: magic mushrooms may or may not have been involved with the interviewee