Nathan Forsyth

album cover

A Little Millenia




How long have you been making music? I’ve been makin music for like, what is probably a decade now. What artists really inspire your sound? Animal collective really sorta changed the way I approached music and changed the way I viewed conventionality in music. They’re really known for how liberally they’ve experimented with their sound and it’s something that I’ve really been interested in, you know, changing your sound regardless of your position in the industry or what others will think. How do you feel your music has changed since you started? For my newer material and stuff I’m prepping to work on, I’m really focused on making the lyrical content a lot more honest, and in general, trying to make the process more honest and in the moment. I want to focus more on capturing the sentiment of what I’m trying to produce, in the moment. All in all, I’m just interested in honest music. What is the key to eternal life, by which I mean overcoming the unspoken inevitability of death via immortality? Chasing your truest nature as aggressively and compassionately as you can.